About Us

The relationship between Schlegel Electrokontakt and Control Switches dates back to 1980.

Eberhard Schlegel (the president of Georg Schlegel GMBH) and Jack Armstrong (the president of Control Switches International Inc.) met at the Hannover Fair in Germany.  Schlegel was looking for an avenue to export their products into North America and Control Switches was looking to find component products that they could import, so the two gentlemen shook hands, became friends, and the rest is history.

Both Schlegel and Control Switches are still family owned and operated. Eberhard, along with his son Christoph and his nephew Wolfgang run the business today; Jack Armstong passed away in 2013, but 3 of his daughters, Susi, Judy and Peggy continue his legacy. Both companies take pride in their products, their employees and their integrity

Schlegel traces their roots back to 1925; Csii to 1957. 

Two dedicated companies working together to bring you quality products at competitive prices.