schlegel csii 400

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Schlegel ASI Interface Bus System


Used for networking the Schlegel control units and pilot lights (control devices, operator consoles, panels...) to the most common Fieldbus systems (such as AS-Interface, CANopen, Profibus DP, ...).
The Fieldbus compatible Schlegel control units are particularly for applications using a large number of control units and pilot lights to be connected to the Fieldbus at less wiring effort.

asi programpb module2

pcb arrayss sw array

Selection criteria for the appropriate bus system:

  • Which application field, control engineering or feedback control engineering?
  • Which maximum transmission rate is required?
  • Has the safety level to be integrated to the bus?
  • Number of participants?
  • Maximum cable length within the installation?
  • Are all functions of the machine/installation covered by bus devices?

Selection criteria for a Schlegel Bus System:

  • Which bus system is already integrated to the machine/installation?
  • Which bus system is close to the control station?
  • How many control stations are necessary for the machine/installation?
  • How many control units are needed per control station?

Which data is needed for a customised application?

  • Dimension on the front part shown in a rough sketch
  • Number and type of actuators
  • Which bus system is required
  •  What is the demand