schlegel csii 400

Control Switches International Inc (Csii), your North American source for Schlegel push buttons, pilot lights, emergency stops, terminal blocks and control products.

QUARTRON Series-16mm


Dimensions (mm)
Panel cutout: Ø16.2
Front dimensions:   25 x 25
Travel: 6
Front bezel height: 12

Catalog (PDF-22Pg)

Schlegel’s Quartron series combines the suitability and toughness of large control units to all kinds of machines with the optimum exploitation of panel surface and the small space requirement of 16mm units.

These square control units can be mounted closely together with a mounting grid of 25x25mm.  The contact blocks can easily be snapped onto the control units.

Quartron units are square with either a black or charcoal bezel, but the mounting hole is 16mm round. This series laid the foundation for leading the market position with 16mm control units.