schlegel csii 400

Control Switches International Inc (Csii), your North American source for Schlegel push buttons, pilot lights, emergency stops, terminal blocks and control products.

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16mm Operators
Panel Cutout Diameter: 16.2mm
22mm Operators
Panel Cutout Diameter: 22.3mm
30mm Operators
Panel Cutout Diameter: 30.5mm
Square Panel Cutout
Emergency Stop Pushbuttons
Specialty Buttons
Contact Blocks
Nameplates & Enclosures



Csii is Schlegel's North American agent and importer for push buttons, pilot lights and emergency stop buttons. These control units are manufactured to the highest standards in the industry. Schlegel stands for Innovation, Quality and Design.

We can supply them as round, square, flush or panel mount with 16mm, 22mm or 30mm mounting holes.  Selector switches, panel mounted USB jacks, wireless push buttons and ASI-Interface are also available.

Schlegel's pilot devices are made exclusively in Germany using only high-quality raw materials. As the link between human and machine, they are used in control panels, in dashboards of ships, in lifts or in the cockpit of industrial vehicles. They are even used in extreme environmental conditions such as frost, dust or heat.